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phoenixtheatre's Journal

The Phoenix Theatre
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the phoenix theatre is located at the corner of washington and keller in petaluma, ca. these are directions via mapquest.

for questions about booking, check out fattmatt.com, or email him fattmatt@fattmatt.com

the theatre opened on dec 4th, 1904 as the hill opera house. it has suffered two seperate fires in its lifetime, hence the name "the phoenix".
every band listed in the interests below has played there. this list is by no means complete, and if you have any more to add, please share them.
This is a community for the theatre.

there will be weekly and/or monthly listings of scheduled events.

please feel free to post your sentimental experiences and stuff [that pertain to the theatre] here.

here is one page about the ghosts, and this is an interview with Tom, the manager of the theatre.

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